Asia Movie Pass Review

A review of biggest Japanese Bukkake import site
Most websites are compiled from content that is made for use on web. Asia Movie Pass is different because itís not making any webcontent. AMP does distribute DVD movies online. It means their Japanese sex tapes are real DVD movies like they are sold over the counter in Tokyo sexshops and by adult mailorder warehouses. Usually, Japanese adult merchants donít deliver outside of their country. Thatís where Asia Movie Pass comes in, conveniently. People from all countries are able to gain access to Japanese porn movies. No matter where you are: Brazil, Saudi Arabia or USA. AMP letís you purchase and download DVDs in top quality.
While writing this review AMP offered choice from 24,472 DVD downloads online! Movies may be previewed and streamed in browser while online. Alternatively, members are able to download files to their computer or harddrive. It works fairly fast and without complications.
asia movie pass review
Members can download over 22000 movies from DVD database
Each and every day 20 new movie DVDs are added. Some of them in HD and Blueray quality. Most clips are around 100 minutes or longer in playing time. File sizes are around 1.2 Gb per video average.
For people who want to watch or download as many Japanese porn movies as possible, AMP is great value at 29.95 US$ per month. They offer large discounts for subscribers who pay for 10 months in advance. 9.90 US$ per month, only. Since they are in business since 1999 they can be considered trust-worthy.
asia movie pass review
New release: Very Erotic Goddess Dirty Temptation. Kaori Otonashi.
Stream inline or push download button to store on harddrive.
Members are able to create a list of favorites, score movies with a range of stars from 1 to 5 and comment on them. They are tagged with categories to make finding appropriate content more easy. All niches contain extensive amount of content. Some of the unique Japanese niches are bukkake, office ladies, nurses, race queens and school girls with sailor uniforms.
If you are familiar with Jp porn movies you know they need to be censored. However, while you canít see pubic hair in all detail, intercourse and masturbation action with audio are in exceptionally great quality. For some people who are new to adult movies from Okinawa and Tokyo this might sound like a negative point, but it really improves a lot of other aspects that are coming short otherwise. Audio from sex scenes is fantastic, simply. Every act is recorded with precision and itís best to enjoy with head phones. You donít want your neighbours to know what kind of filth resides on your hard drive.
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