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Did you bang any bargirls during your sex vacation in Pattaya? This headline explains all. Submit your Thai is similar to so called ex-girlfriend-revenge porn sites. Ex-girlfriends are exposed online in compromising positions, either naked or having sex with their (part-time) boyfriends and lovers. Unlike regular girlfriend sites, this one does not find it’s motivation from revenge but by presenting female trophies. Just like hunters present their catch, longtime visitors of red-light hotspot Pattaya in Thailand take photos of their wild girlfriends while they are hot and willing. They dump them sooner or later when running out of money, return back home or when they feel attracted to another beauty of the night. Yes, they are all bargirls or freelancing hookers. None of them are decent. When they say they are “good girls” it means they do give head up to completion and swallow.
You may ask: is it easy to take photos and videos of Thai bargirls? Normally, it’s not that easy unless economic incentives are given or the guys know how to play them. When Thai bargirls adore their hunters, they degrade themselves to easy prey and do anything to please. Sometimes a little bit of alcohol does the trick – other times guys need to be gym-fit and well dressed. Most contributors to Submit Your Thai are very professional in attracting freelancers and exotic dancers into becoming their vacation or weekend girlfriends. Once they trust each other, naked photos, blowjob snapshots and spycam veuyeur hardcore are not objected to anymore.
submit your thai review
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Submit Your Thai website is divided into various parts from regular weekly updates to contributions and user uploads. Guys who wish to upload images to this portal can do so via online form or by sending emails to webmaster. Since Submit Your Thai is responsible about legal age they require ID copies of all performers being depicted on content. Since this limits submissions to legitimate submitters it takes out all the replicated and harvested photos from other Asian girlfriend websites. This way most Thai bargirls on this site are real and unique – and of legal age. One really has to appreciate the hard work and effort those producers put into their blowjob videos and digicam snaps. It takes lots of confidence and skills to hold a camera still while cute and innocent 18 year old bargirls give head. Generally, Thai girlfriends love taking large cocks into their tight pussy. They are not romantic too much, but pumping cock and releasing it deep inside and out appears to be their favorite. Deep inside and then all the way out is demanding on punters. Withhold love juices from a tight Thai bargirl pussy requires solid conditioning.
submit your thai review
Exotic island girls during a island sex vacation
For those who don’t care about such sexual exploit there are plenty of cute and adorable girls online who are naked by themselves without a strange guy over them. Some are selfshots, others are trophy photos. If you have never been on a sex vacation in Thailand, Submit Your Thai is possible a great Thai porn site to watch because it shows the real deal of fresh bargirls. When capturing one of those honeys your sex vacation will be a lot of fun.
submit your thai review
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