Thai Girls Wild Review

A storytelling review of World's only Thai Emo site
Today, let me write my experiences like an extended email to a friend. Last year my mate Ferdinand asked me to tell him more about a website he was interested in. He wanted to travel to Thailand for a vacation and heard about wild party girls who were available for dancing and drinking all night. Having sex and all kinda girlfriend stuff included. Next day, one just gives them a little bit of money and off they go with happy faces. Well, Ferdinand asked me if this website ďThai Girls WildĒ was what he could expect from his vacation in Thailand. He struck Gold with me as I was able to show him the entire site and he has been going back to Thailand every three months for vacations filled with parties, booze and sex.
Thai Girls Wild Review
Video updates are listed for members on top of subscription page
Yesterday, I explored the website again and a lot has changed since last year or two years ago when I first laid eyes on this spiffy website. Thai Girls Wild public page shows sexy, barely legal girls. Mostly 19 or 20 year old spinners with slender legs, small breasts and wet eyes. I guess thatís how they call it when girls apply cat-like makeup to their eyelashes that makes their iris appear bigger and wet. Itís cute. But where do all those naked barbies come from? Are they normal college girls, horny secretaries or just bored wives?
I guess itís no secret, good girls are shy and go to bed at 10 pm. Those who dress up like dolls do that for a reason. They want to attract foreigners for sexual relationships. The amount of girls doing that is just crazy and websites like this are possible because of them. Thai Girls Wild is a little bit better than other, similar sites. Simply, because the hunter behind this site knows his turf. His knowledge and networks allow him to find fresh and cute bargirls and disco girl trophies long before others have penetrated them.
There are monthly video updates that are longer lasting day or weekend adventures with rather attractive dolls. Added to content in membership area are photo and variety sections as well as some local information about Pattaya Walking Street, Asiaís hotspot for bargirl action. Videos either play in browser or as downloads on personal computers. Photos show up on html-pages with clear, large navigation. Thai girls from this website are mostly spinners. Guys who like petite women will fall in love with them. The content is romantic girlfriend type sex and nudes. Models do look better on tour than on videos due to make-up and retouching. I guess everybody looks different than chicken when they have steamy sex and sweat runs down their ass crack while riding a punterís rod. Members enjoy bonus access to some other Thai solo girl sites like Tussinee and Thainee, two other slender sex bombs from Pattaya in Thailand. Spinners rule.
Thai Girls Wild Review
She loves her belly button, Tequila and oral sex: Wild Thai girl Yang
You know what Ferdinand told me today? He said he wanted to leave home and settle down in Thailand because he adores tight, Thai girls so much that he wants to fuck them for the rest of his life. He already saved up 6000 Euro. And you know what else he said? Cigarettes and beer are cheap. Good Bye, Ferdinand. I will always think about you when I look at Wild Thai Girls website.
Thai Girls Wild Review
Private weekend sex session with Pattaya girlfriend Tan. She submits to every possible act of love
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