Trike Patrol Review

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Romance and love make people blind, but watching sex is fun. Believe it or not, but when Trike Patrol started in 2006 with it's first episodes of porn movies from the Philippines, it's main topic was to expose guys who fell in love with Filipina bargirls. It's very easy to fall in love with Filipinas and it's pretty convenient to test drive them in bed before making them girlfriends. Many guys who visited the Philippines would sample a bargirl every day for 2 or 3 weeks and then make one of them their girlfriend - possibly with the intention to get them back to the USA with a K-1 fiancee visa. To make sure, they were financially able to survive in this poverty stricken Third World paradise while guys were working back home they would send them generous allowances each and every month.
Trike Patrol review
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The three American friends who founded Trike Patrol were used to laugh at those guys because their girlfriends would still have sex and party with their previous customers. Either for the love of money or because they craved for a good "boom boom" (Filipino slang for "sex"). They offered those girls 200 Dollars to appear in a porn movie and they all accepted. It was a bit tricky because they promised not to show it to their hubbies, but on the other hand received a written model release from all girls together with their passport copies. (Why were the hubbies watching porn?). One of the girls already had her fiancee visa inside her passport and was going to be united with her future husband just a week after her Trike Patrol film showed up online. It became a huge sex scandal and that's in short how Trike Patrol started to become the most widely known Filipino porn site online.
Trike Patrol review
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Ever since the early days it has been updated almost every week with a new episode of western sex tourist or expat mongers riding a bargirl from Angeles City through some cheap hotel beds and it's pillows. As with all other Pinay bargirl smut it's bareback and pretty steamy. They have a good hand in picking girls with solid performance. Some of them appear to be slightly drunk and very wild, other are shy, but scream as much after they warmed up. Blowjobs and doggy style are the most frequent positions.
Trike Patrol review
Lesbians Ashley and Mylyn help themselves while naked on their bed.
There has been an increase in quality until about a year ago. These days it's become updated less frequently, but all previous scenes are online in vast archives. Funny and informative writing supports those viewers who wish to collect facts about bargirls from the Philippines and learn how to meet and date them for the sole purpose of carnal adventures.
Hands down, the new content is a bit slow with updates this season, but the archives are great. By far more content than any other Filipino porn site (Read more Filipino porn reviews). Site navigation is responsive. That means it will adapt to your device and screen size offering the best possible navigation and access.
Trike Patrol review
From one of the newest videos: Angeles City amateur Jehhan rides her lover inside his hotel room while his camcorder films verything. Many punters submit their own escapades to Trike Patrol.
Trike Patrol is authentic in quality with around 330 episodes since 2006. Some of the older movies have been re-edited to fit todays demands and more will be done according to Jimmy Regina, owner and webmaster of this site (Jimmy has been shooting the fist 50 episodes himself).
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